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All my services I offer.

I Believe no one should overpay for computer repair. And being lied to.
I am Ryan Rhoades Owner & Technician. Rip-Offs. stop now.
Be Exclusive Today.
Ryan Rhoades

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This website is based on trial and error.

No need to worry I got your back.

I aim to be the best. My name is Ryan Rhoades. This website is here for my exclusive customers to see who I am. Is he the real deal? I never give up. I am here to keep your PC going.

Hosted at my home.

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Louisville my home.

Louisville, my home will always be Kentucky. The Louisville Metro area is my Exclusive place of doing great work, impressing every customer I meet. I do my best. At times when you need hope. Ryan Rhoades is there to save the day, to fix your machine like new.

I provide the best solutions. on call or pickup.

Here at Exclusive Tek Computers we can do home visits or pickup. we also have business cards exclusively just for you.

My services and more to come.

Virus Removal.

Is a pesky computer virus driving you insane. Here at Exclusive Tek Computers. We got your back. And your computer will thank you. We use top of the line methods. To keep you safe. Be Exclusive Today.


Operating system upgrade?

Need a Windows 10 upgrade. Here at Exclusive Tek Computers. our prices can beat any competitor or I'm just full of hot air.

Custom System's

Do you need a custom computer. That can handle any workflow or task. Here at Exclusive Tek Computers. You ask what you need we can build your dream machine. ask for one today.

Computer Servicing.

Need a new upgrade. or just a cleaning. We have all options for any scenario. If you need anything. Computers. We Got It.

Scam Awareness.

Calls,Letters,Emails or scary looking websites. Don't be fooled by these fakes. If its scary or too good to be true its a scam. Be smart safe and exclusive.

Diagnosis Fee's?

All fee's are only 15.00$. Can be waved if you choose my services.

Credibility Matters.

Grow strong by being myself and doing great service.

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Great things come by waiting

I am going to start this business with no capital watch me succeed.

i am disabled

Yep you can do anything if you put your mind to it.


This website is based on trial and error.